Sorting My Silverware…

Ok, this is silly, but I’m trying thisWFMW thing on the Rocks in my Dryer blog.  It’s too long of an explanation but you can look it up on

Here’s a tip for making my life easier — I always sort my silverware IN the caddy before I put it in the dishwasher.  Forks, spoons, knives (pointed down and towards the back, away from curious toddlers) each have their own section or two if necessary.  And, I do this in the sink.  It saves me time and strain on my back and mostly – when the dishes are done I just grab the caddy and in about 10 seconds I’m done putting the silverware away.  No sorting, just grab and drop.

You can do the same with your digital pictures – sorting can be a bit tedious if you make it, but I like to have a folder for each month and then dump pictures into the specific folder based upon when I took them.  At the end of the year they go into a new folder for that year and voila!  You have to find what works for you but for me and my digital photography obsession, this works best!


3 Responses

  1. I do my silverware the same way and it is wonderful.

    I never thought of sorting the pics that way..


  2. I also recommend that every few months or so you take all those wonderful photos and back them up on a disk. This is the downside to digital media, you don’t have the same permanence you have with film. I am at this time trying to piece together old (irreplaceable) photos that I had stored in a computer which suffered an untimely death not too long ago. I am missing most of them and I am hoping like crazy dh has copies on them on his computer at work..

  3. […] get up and organize.  If it’s your digital pictures, then you can read my post about “Sorting Silverware” or ”Managing Your Digital Pictures“ , close your browser (yes, you can do it […]

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